About Us

The City of Glen Eira Band is a non competing, non-profit musical group who pursue the learning and playing of music without the politics and pressures of stressful competition. We concentrate on a positive social atmosphere within our multicultural group and enjoy the rewards of our serious attitude towards music.

Our focus is as a brass band, and we aim to provide a platform for brass and percussion players to practice and improve their musical skills in the company of other musicians. To this end, we have a qualified Musical Director who trains the band to improve its musical skills.

We love to have new members join and are open to all ages, we have members as young as 14 and as experienced as 80.

Often we provide musical entertainment for community groups, such as retirement villages, hospitals and local schools. If you are a community group who would like for us to come and play for you, or you would like to join us please go to our ‘Contact Us‘ page.

The City of Glen Eira Band is most grateful for the financial assistance provided by the City of Glen Eira Council. 

News Letter

Another year has flown by and I have not updated our news for a long time.  The Band has been busy during the past year and we already have gigs until December 2017, so we will be just as busy again this year.  During the year we had our challenges, Henry needed time off and we were lucky enough to be able to second Brendan to direct us.  I must say that it is very interesting to have Musical Directors with differing interpretations of the music we play.  It is refreshing and gives us a new outlook on our playing needs.  We must thank Bayside for the help they have given us during the year and look forward to having their company during 2017. As usual, we had people away for parts of the year, Graeme went to Denmark to see his gorgeous granddaughter and Reuben  and Paul both visited Scotland, (but not at the same time).  Allan declares that he did not go to Bali, but maybe wishes that he did.  Our students did very well with their exams, including Nicholas who got a remarkable 98.  Our annual dinner was a little down in numbers this year, as it appears that as well as being good students, our younger members are also industrious and some were working.  Henry is taking some long service leave this year and so we will have to ask Brendan to guide us again.  A Happy New Year to all and may you have peace and good health.

Graeme Patching

Band Calendar


Citizenship Ceremony

Friday 26/1/2018   9:00am


Friends Of The Park

Sunday 11/3/2018  1:15pm

Allnutt Park

Sunday 18/3/2018  9:30am